Yes, one of my weaknesses is perspective. Plain and simple – it is evil. This week we have a quartet of things to put up, with the first being an evil perspective demon rearing it’s ugly head:


Next up is a fun little exercise that I decided to do based upon a very well laid out video by a digital artist named Sycra. I will not go into detail about said video, but it really got me thinking about what I should and should not be doing in my art studies.

Basically, I did a two-fold thing here. First I drew a found object that was in front of me, and then I drew the shape again and tweaked it to be imaginitive.


Next up is an update to my son’s dragon idea, of which I did the line art just a few weeks ago:


And finally, even though I have not put enough time into this one, a slight update:



Slow and steady.

This weeks post brings to the table turtle power! In other words, not a whole lot going on here because it took me a while to do each sketch. One of these days I will get the idea of a sketch in my head instead of making a drawing all the time 😉

Stuff from around the house and some mouse friends!book3-5

Sketching out and about. Also, how to mess up the planes on a face! (YAY)book3-6

Been slowly working on other stuff as well…but instead of posting it here right now, I will wait till there is a bit more significant progress to be made.

Going back.

This weeks update goes slightly into the past with some roughing in of some more elements from a painting I have been working on for a while now (just getting back to it).


Next up is a quickie from book 3 – life drawing and still life type stuff.


Finally, a redesign sketch of one of my sons dragons that he created (he asked me to do it…honest).


New Book

This week brings a new flavor to the table in the form of a non-Moleskine sketchbook. YAY! Have a few pages in the works, but only two pages currently that I can put up as being “finished.” That and a quick revisit to another older digital sketch I did with SB PRO.

book3-1Figure movement.

book3-2This weeks CASK meetup.

daily-1bSketch revisit.

Another one bites the dust….

So I finally have finished my second moleskin sketchbook. Now I have to go out and buy another 3 pack…darn! 🙂

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Symmetrical drawing

As I finish up my second moleskin sketchbook (which is filled with all sorts of whackyness) I decided to do some symmetrical drawing a la digital this past week.

Music drives a large part of my work. In fact I wouldn’t be adverse to doing album covers sometime in the near future. The following piece was a quick drawing from the new Fleshgod Apocalypse album King. If you have never heard of them, and are a metal fan, you owe it to yourself to delve into their stuff. King helped to shape this:


New Year – New Site

So this has been a long time coming, and I believe it has been worth it. I finally have finished my first moleskin sketchbook from 2013. And the following is the progress that I have made since its beginning.

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