What does it really mean to be finished with anything? Sometimes we wander in our art – sometimes aimlessly, and sometimes with a purpose. But is it always towards a goal of being “finished.” Or is it more towards “fulfillment?”

Been working on this for a while in between other projects and I think this one is finally fullfinished;)


The importance of FAILURE.

The problem with winning is that we place so much emphasis on it, and its instant gratification, that we do not see how one gets there. There is, and has been for years, a pervading mindset that if you are not winning, then you are a loser! The problem with this (as all “winners” can tell you) is that this is blatantly incorrect. Ask anyone who has accomplished a life goal that gives them meaning, and they will tell you the same thing – winning is the result of failure over and over again. It is years and years and years of monotony; falling down on your face; bleeding; crying; questioning your motives and directions; taking a different path only to come back; much sacrifice, and did I mention suffering? So many are afraid to fail that they end up being afraid of themselves, and of what they can truly accomplish. Failure is great! It is one of the best learning tools you can have in your arsenal! And most importantly, without it there would be no winning!

So I humbly place before you a failure that I am proud of 😀


So what are you waiting for? Go out and fail!

Turtle slow

Sometimes you take things a little slower, and sometimes things bog you down to become slow. Either way here are a few things I have been working on over the past few weeks.

First up is a bit of outdoor scenery.


Next up are some progress shots on a very slow ink drawing I have been working on over the past few weeks. I think I am going to need some more pens soon…or get creative HAH!




This week brings a little bit more work on my Corn giant as well as some thumbnails brought up a bit towards sketch land and a quick life/imagination sketch page.





Shelving Rock

Went to Shelving Rock Falls in Lake George last weekend. Was really beautiful. This took a lot longer than expected. Probably could have finished this up at the falls, but then my cohorts would not appreciate the time to do so haha.


Also, almost forgot about a rework of the previous giant. The lighting just didn’t fit for me, so started over a bit.


Slow week.

Uber late post this week as I took a little more time to finish up another tiny drawing page. I am really liking these little drawings. I should do 10,000 more 😀 Also another outdoor watercolor. More to come!



More practice mmmmmm…

This week brings more practice with some outdoor watercolor painting and a bit more confidence in the area of .0000001% 🙂

First up some quick sketches of the park. Learned a bit of perspective quirks in the first one and had fun with the trees in the second drawing.



Next up is another park on the other side of town in watercolor. Had a lot of fun with this one and the sketch group.


The 4th etc.

So this week brings several things to the table including a nice 3rd situ watercolor as well as urban sketching meetings and July 4th parties. Also, have finally finished the dragon digital painting (YAY)!

A little urban sketching of sorts + parties complete with live folk music!



Adventures in situ!situ-3Thar be dragons ARRRRR!