Variations on a lotus and fan art

This week I am revisiting both a fan art piece I have put off for a while and a lotus tattoo that I have been working off and on over the past year-ish. As you can see with the fan art piece, I have several little scribbly notes all over to remind me of areas that I need to work on. This one may take a while longer than I anticipated, but I do hope to finish this by the end of the month.

Last, but not least, is some life studies…make that still life.

Finally finished!

It is good to finish things. That way you can move on to the next bestest thing. It took over 3 years to finish this first piece…mostly because I bit off way more than I could chew in the past, and in turn became burnt out. Happy to finish this one. And on to the future I go! I call this one “The Monster Awakens!”

Also had some time this week to meet up with my sketch group (finally) and get some good chatting/sketching done. Always good to get out and about 🙂

And finally, one more monster portrait for the week.