practice makes…practice.

Well here we are again! I finished my commission piece, but because it needs to wait a bit for the reveal, I will not be posting that here just yet. In the meantime I have some portrait practice from photos off the web. Going to attempt to get about two of these done a night. They “should” take about an hour to do two of them. I am not concerned with perfection in any of the portraits…but more so the lighting and shapes of the faces.

Slow going.

Sometimes things go a little slow because you are trying to finish up other projects. The good news is that although not much sketching done in the book this past week, there is a relatively decent commission I am working on (will show later on if possible). Either way, here are two pages from this past week of randomness.

edit: forgot to add this one from a few weeks ago (doh)!

Ramping up

This week brings a lot of things to the table:

First up is a failed attempt at coloring one of the monster portraits. Oh well, to live and learn 🙂

Next up is an ideation phase for a gallery show coming up soon with the theme “It Came from the Sea.”

Next, taking one of the ideas and fleshing it out towards final phase.

And last, but not least, more work on the fan art piece.


Sometimes it is just best to escape from technology and mindfully meditate on the wind in the trees. I love going to this place that I painted this past weekend. Very serene and calm.

Also, some lovin from the monster portrait corner. Having a blast experimenting with colors on these.