The 4th etc.

So this week brings several things to the table including a nice 3rd situ watercolor as well as urban sketching meetings and July 4th parties. Also, have finally finished the dragon digital painting (YAY)!

A little urban sketching of sorts + parties complete with live folk music!



Adventures in situ!situ-3Thar be dragons ARRRRR!


2nd In situ

This week I was able to finally get out and do another quick in situ water color. It was a mad dash to get as much done before a thunder storm both changed the light and let out a mighty downpour. But in the end everything came out alright 😮


A nice odd sketch I did which will come in a 2nd part that is digitally colored.


A quick urban sketch of a greek restaurant that had a great interior paired up with a screen grab from Daredevil (so boss).


And finally a little bit of old school (if you can say that) of some imaginative drawings that started off fueled by a photograph (upper right corner) that I sketched.


In situ

Did a few more things this week to fill the art barrel. First up an in situ watercolor that turned out “ok.” Definitely need a lot more practice with that.


Next up – lots of outdoor drawings both with my sketch group and at the soccer fields.



And finally a little sketch at a local sushi place.


Fire Wyrm part 2

Ok so part 2 of this post has a lot of stuff that happened over both this past week and a few things that I wanted to just put up because they were ideas to get “out there.” Sometimes when you are creating something, the image that leaps out of your mind either works or it doesn’t really work. Either way the important thing to do is to do it. Later on down the line you never know when your mind will come back to that image, and though it may not work at the time of creation, you use that as a source to create a newer better image. So without further ado…

A little more odd sketchy dragon stuff.book3-28

Some good old bushes, flowers, and trees from life. book3-29

A mix of two different sessions from life.book3-30

A great little gesture session of tai chi from life.book3-31

Part 2 of said tai chi.book3-32

More thinking on tattoos and a quick restaurant sketch.book3-33

More tattoo finalizing…I think.lotus-sketches-3

Odd landscape quickie.speedo-1

Enter…the tomb of fogggggg!speedo-2

Feeling out the rough shading. Yes, very rough 😐



Some weeks, you just struggle through. This week brings not much to the table drawing wise. The technique though is to keep going, whether bad or good. That is the most important part.

A quick mashup of weird robot parts and odds and ends.



The human vibe.

Did you ever go to a concert or gathering and no matter what was playing or happening, get an amazing creative vibe? Well I had that opportunity this past weekend as I went to a Death Metal concert that was pretty rad. I had a blast sketching and squinting and sketching some more.

But up first this week is a very fast (maybe 10 minutes) sketch from the dentist office. I would have had more time, but my ride was leaving and I did not want to irritate them so had to jet. I purposely tried to be very loose in this sketch as I know that is something that I need to work on when sketching from life. I can always go back later and render the crap out of it! ;P


Next is said Death Metal event. So much fun and supporting my buddy’s band Incontinence – yes you read that right!


Lastly a bit of robuts and dinozillas mixed in with some wacky vehicle designs.


On the digital front, not much has happened as I was pretty busy with other life matters this past week. Some refinement on a lotus tattoo.