semi-image dump

This week starts something totally new (at least sort of). I can get into that another time but here are some drawings I have been working on:

First up – some rendering practice (read CRAPPY) with a regular ball point pen. I say crappy because there are all kinds of errors in the drawings, but I continued anyways just to see how I could create some sort of depth with the pen. Came out “OK” but could be a lot better.

Next up are some very quick sketch drawings while watching Sherlock. These types of sketches are difficult as I have to tap into my visual memory in order to remember a scene and put it down as fast as I can. Most scenes in any show have so many cuts from one camera to the next, you really do not realize it until you are actually trying to draw them. PHEW!

Next is a fun drawing I did while at a group that does “pub crawling” around the area. They sing shanty songs and drink beer. What could be better than that? Best part is, the guy I drew actually had a real eye patch. How badass is that 😀

Failed attempt at capturing a likeness while at dinner last night. Still wanted to complete it a bit more to finish out the sketch.

First stage of an in situ watercolor painting of one of our “treez” we have outside. Funny thing is that there are two trees and a bush in the center mass (one pine, one bush, and one leafy tree <— need to get better with what it actually is).

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