The importance of FAILURE.

The problem with winning is that we place so much emphasis on it, and its instant gratification, that we do not see how one gets there. There is, and has been for years, a pervading mindset that if you are not winning, then you are a loser! The problem with this (as all “winners” can tell you) is that this is blatantly incorrect. Ask anyone who has accomplished a life goal that gives them meaning, and they will tell you the same thing – winning is the result of failure over and over again. It is years and years and years of monotony; falling down on your face; bleeding; crying; questioning your motives and directions; taking a different path only to come back; much sacrifice, and did I mention suffering? So many are afraid to fail that they end up being afraid of themselves, and of what they can truly accomplish. Failure is great! It is one of the best learning tools you can have in your arsenal! And most importantly, without it there would be no winning!

So I humbly place before you a failure that I am proud of 😀


So what are you waiting for? Go out and fail!

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