New stuffzors

This week I am working on thumbnails for a new commission. I have free reign on this one so that should be interesting.

This second set is my process for an acrylic painting I did for the Jack Kirby show at the Argyle Studios Gallery. Was a fun piece to do as I have not been into acrylics for a while now 🙂


practice makes…practice.

Well here we are again! I finished my commission piece, but because it needs to wait a bit for the reveal, I will not be posting that here just yet. In the meantime I have some portrait practice from photos off the web. Going to attempt to get about two of these done a night. They “should” take about an hour to do two of them. I am not concerned with perfection in any of the portraits…but more so the lighting and shapes of the faces.

Slow going.

Sometimes things go a little slow because you are trying to finish up other projects. The good news is that although not much sketching done in the book this past week, there is a relatively decent commission I am working on (will show later on if possible). Either way, here are two pages from this past week of randomness.

edit: forgot to add this one from a few weeks ago (doh)!