Week O’ Sketches

This week brings some quick sketching back into the picture, along with a final of the dragon I have been working on. I am not entirely sure that I like the result, but sometimes it is better to just stop working on something and learn what you need to work on and then go from there onto your next piece.








Yes, one of my weaknesses is perspective. Plain and simple – it is evil. This week we have a quartet of things to put up, with the first being an evil perspective demon rearing it’s ugly head:


Next up is a fun little exercise that I decided to do based upon a very well laid out video by a digital artist named Sycra. I will not go into detail about said video, but it really got me thinking about what I should and should not be doing in my art studies.

Basically, I did a two-fold thing here. First I drew a found object that was in front of me, and then I drew the shape again and tweaked it to be imaginitive.


Next up is an update to my son’s dragon idea, of which I did the line art just a few weeks ago:


And finally, even though I have not put enough time into this one, a slight update:



Slow and steady.

This weeks post brings to the table turtle power! In other words, not a whole lot going on here because it took me a while to do each sketch. One of these days I will get the idea of a sketch in my head instead of making a drawing all the time 😉

Stuff from around the house and some mouse friends!book3-5

Sketching out and about. Also, how to mess up the planes on a face! (YAY)book3-6

Been slowly working on other stuff as well…but instead of posting it here right now, I will wait till there is a bit more significant progress to be made.