Inktober begins

Yes. Inktober is now upon us once again. An ink drawing a day keeps the…headless horseman away? I don’t know, but it sounds cool.

Next up I have my entry for the Paint a Monument Challenge over on James Gurney’s blog. Was a lot of fun to do, and had a few friends join me so the conversation was good as well 🙂 I guess I should call most of my sketchbook stuff “mind trippin” because that is what it seems like to me after I look at it a few days later!

Quick update

Hey all! Just a few little things this week. First is some work on two separate paintings I will be doing. One for the Infected by Art competition as well as one for the Tiny Dragon book. Just getting the ideas out now, so nothing fancy.

And next, is a rather long coming update on the fan art piece I have been working on. I feel pretty close to the end here once I get all the characters out of the way (and by end I mean probably another 10-15 hours of work). I can’t wait to get this one done PHEW!

Pow wow

Had a great time yesterday at a Native American Pow wow. Lots of interesting facts learned and some awesome music as well.

A second set of thumbnails to narrow down possibilities for another project I am working on.


This week brings some fun work back into my sketchbook (which I have been neglecting as of late). And boy does it feel good 🙂

A little action before the Mayweather fight.

Some practice (of which I need so much more of) in figures.

Working on piecing together figures in my head.

Very fast portrait stylized studies of myself and others.

And finally an obsessive journey into a tree/bush outside my mother’s house.

New stuffzors

This week I am working on thumbnails for a new commission. I have free reign on this one so that should be interesting.

This second set is my process for an acrylic painting I did for the Jack Kirby show at the Argyle Studios Gallery. Was a fun piece to do as I have not been into acrylics for a while now 🙂